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Get Your Brother Printer HL-L2370DW Toner Back on Track: Easy Reset Guide

Have you been struggling to reset the toner on your Brother HL-L2370DW printer? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many users find themselves in this position, unsure of how to reset the toner and get their printer up and running again. The good news is, resetting the toner is a simple process that can be done in just four easy steps. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process and help you get your printer back to printing high-quality documents in no time.

So, grab your printer and let’s get started!

Step 1: Stop the Printer Operation

If you’re in need of resetting the toner on your Brother HL-L2370DW printer, the first step is to stop any ongoing printer operation. You don’t want to cause any interruptions or damage while attempting to reset the toner. This includes making sure there are no jobs queued in the print queue and that the printer is turned off.

It’s also important to inspect the toner cartridge for any signs of low or empty levels. Once you’ve ensured that your printer is in a safe state, you can move on to the next steps of the reset process. Resetting the toner on your printer can help prolong the lifespan of your cartridge and save you money in the long run.

With a few simple steps, you’ll have your Brother HL-L2370DW printer up and running again in no time.

Disable all printing functions before the reset process.

If you’re looking to reset your printer, there are some important steps you need to follow before getting started. One of the most crucial steps is to disable all printing functions before beginning the reset process. This will prevent any print jobs from getting stuck in the queue and causing problems during the reset.

To stop the printer operation, simply press the power button and wait for it to fully shut down. You may also want to disconnect any cables that are connected to the printer. Once everything is completely powered off or disconnected, you can move on to the next step of the reset process.

By taking the time to properly prepare your printer before resetting it, you can help ensure a successful reset and avoid any potential problems. So don’t forget to disable those printing functions before getting started!

brother printer hl-l2370dw toner reset

Step 2: Open the Printer Front Cover

If you’re wondering how to reset the toner on your Brother Printer HL-L2370DW, the first step is to open the printer’s front cover. This will give you access to the printer’s toner cartridge. Once you have the cartridge in view, you can proceed with the toner reset process.

Keep in mind that resetting the toner cartridge is often necessary after replacing the toner. This is because the printer’s toner counter can be thrown off, leading to inaccurate toner level readings. By following the steps for resetting the toner, you’ll be able to ensure that your printer’s toner levels are accurately displayed, and you can continue printing with confidence.

Locate the front cover release button for access to the toner compartment.

To access the toner compartment of your printer, the first step is to locate the front cover release button. This button allows you to open the front cover easily and gain access to the toner compartment without any hassle. Once you have found the release button for the front cover, press it gently and the front cover will pop open.

It is important to note that the location of the release button may vary depending on the brand or model of your printer. Check the manual that came with your printer for guidance on where to find it. Opening the printer front cover is a simple process that can be done in a matter of seconds.

Once you have opened the front cover, you can then proceed to replace the toner cartridge or clean the inside of your printer. By knowing where the front cover release button is located, you can easily maintain your printer’s functionality and ensure that it lasts longer.

Step 3: Reset the Toner Cartridge

Brother Printer Hl-L2370dw toner reset is a crucial step to ensure that your printer functions at its best. When your printer indicates that the toner is low or empty, it does not necessarily mean that you need to change the cartridge. Instead, you can reset the toner cartridge and continue to use it.

To reset the toner cartridge, you need to remove the toner cartridge from the printer, locate the reset gear on the cartridge, and then turn the gear in the opposite direction. By doing this, the cartridge will be reset, and your printer will be able to read the toner level accurately. It is important to note that you should not reset the toner cartridge too often as it might cause damage to the cartridge or the printer.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when resetting your printer’s toner cartridge.

Press the go button seven times to trigger the printer to reset the toner.

If you have been continuously using your printer, there might come a time when the toner cartridge needs a reset to ensure optimal performance for your printing needs. The process to reset the toner cartridge is simple, and only requires you to follow a few easy steps. The first step is to access the printer’s control panel and locate the reset button.

Once you have located it, press the reset button seven times quickly in succession to trigger the printer to reset the toner. This process should provide the necessary warning message to ensure that the toner reset was successful and allow you to continue printing without any issues. If the toner reset doesn’t work or you face any difficulty, you can consult the user manual or seek help from customer service to walk you through the process.

By taking the initiative to reset your toner cartridge when needed, you can ensure your printer will continue to provide high-quality printouts, better performance, and keep your printing cost down.

Step 4: Close the Front Cover

After you have replaced the toner cartridge of your Brother printer HL-L2370DW, it’s time to close the front cover. This is an important step to ensure that the toner is properly installed and registered by the printer. To close the front cover, simply lift the cover until it clicks into place.

You should hear a beep sound indicating that the cover is securely closed. Once the front cover is closed, the printer will automatically reset the toner level and you should be ready to start printing. In case the toner level still shows low, try restarting your printer or check if you have installed the toner cartridge properly.

By following these simple steps, you can easily reset your Brother printer HL-L2370DW toner and continue enjoying high-quality prints.

Ensure the front cover is completely closed before restarting the printer.

When it comes to restarting your printer, it’s important to ensure that the front cover is completely closed. This is step four in the process and is crucial to prevent any potential damage to your printer. You might be wondering why this step is so important – well, it’s because the printer’s internal components need to be protected from any external debris or objects.

If the front cover isn’t closed properly, dust, paper clips, or even hair could get inside and obstruct the printer’s delicate components. So next time you’re restarting your printer, be sure to double-check that the front cover is securely in place before pressing that power button. It may seem like a minor detail, but taking this simple precaution can save you some costly repairs down the line.

Brother HL-L2370DW Toner Reset Made Easy

If you own a Brother HL-L2370DW printer, you may have experienced the frustrating feeling of running out of toner during an important print job. Fortunately, resetting the toner on this printer is simple and can save you from having to replace the toner prematurely. To do this, first, make sure the printer is turned on and the front cover is open.

Then, press and hold the “GO” button for 4 seconds until the drum and toner lights begin flashing. Release the button and quickly close the front cover. Your printer’s toner should now be reset and ready for use.

With this quick and easy solution, you can get back to printing without worrying about running out of toner.

Avoid unnecessary printer malfunctions with these simple toner reset steps.

If you own a Brother HL-L2370DW printer, you may have encountered the frustrating situation of having to constantly replace toner cartridges. However, before you go out and buy a new cartridge, try resetting the toner instead. Resetting the toner on your Brother HL-L2370DW printer is a simple process that can help you avoid unnecessary malfunctions.

To reset your toner, first, you must open the front cover of the printer and hold down the “Go” button for approximately four seconds. Then, release the button and shut the front cover. This will reset your printer’s toner and allow you to continue printing without having to replace the cartridge unnecessarily.

With just a few simple steps, you can save yourself time and money while ensuring that your printer remains in good working order.


In conclusion, resetting the toner on a Brother printer HL-L2370DW may seem daunting, but it’s as easy as one, two, three! Just follow the prompts on the printer and your toner will be reset in no time. Don’t waste your time and money on expensive replacement cartridges, take matters into your own hands and reset with ease. Your printer (and your wallet) will thank you!”


What is the process for resetting the toner in a Brother HL-L2370DW printer?
To reset the toner in a Brother HL-L2370DW printer, you need to go to the device’s operational panel and press “OK” on the “Replace Toner” option. Then, select “Yes” when prompted to reset the toner.

Why does my Brother HL-L2370DW printer keep showing a toner low warning even after replacement?
Sometimes, a Brother HL-L2370DW printer may show a toner low warning even after the cartridge has been replaced. This could be due to a cartridge installation issue, or the printer may not be recognizing the new toner cartridge. In such cases, try reinserting the cartridge or resetting the printer to resolve the issue.

How do I know when it’s time to change the toner in my Brother HL-L2370DW printer?
You can check the toner levels on your Brother HL-L2370DW printer by going to the device’s operational panel and selecting the “Machine Info” option. Here, you can view the current toner levels and determine if it’s time for a replacement.

Can I use third-party toner cartridges in my Brother HL-L2370DW printer?
Although it’s recommended to use genuine Brother toner cartridges, you can use third-party cartridges in your Brother HL-L2370DW printer. However, doing so may affect the printer’s performance and quality, and it may also void the printer’s warranty.

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