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Unleashing the Power of ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 Motherboard: A Comprehensive Review

If you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast looking for a robust and reliable motherboard to build your dream computer, you might want to check out the ASUS Z87-Plus. This motherboard is packed with features that can cater to different types of users, such as gamers, content creators, and professionals. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this motherboard and review its key features, pros, and cons.

So, buckle up and read along if you want to know whether the ASUS Z87-Plus is worth your consideration.


Looking for an all-round, high-performance motherboard for your PC? Look no further than the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard. This motherboard is an exceptional balance of power and features, offering a range of benefits for a diverse range of users. With support for up to four DIMM slots – totaling up to 32GB of DDR3 RAM – this motherboard accommodates even the most memory-intensive applications with ease.

Moreover, the Z87 chipset provides exceptional overclocking capabilities, allowing enthusiasts to get more out of their system. With four expansion slots, eight USB ports, two PCIe 0 x1 slots, and two PCIe

0 x16 slots, this motherboard lays the groundwork for a powerful and versatile computing experience. Furthermore, thanks to the built-in Intel I217-V controller, users can enjoy fast, seamless networking. If you need a reliable and high-performance motherboard, the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 is sure to impress.

Specs & Features

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Overall, this device is a great choice for anyone looking for a phone that combines powerful specs with stylish design.

asus z87-plus ddr3 1600 lga 1150 motherboard review

Design & Layout

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When it comes to performance, the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard is a solid choice. This motherboard comes equipped with a variety of features that enhance its speed and overall performance, such as an efficient power design, Intel Rapid Start Technology, and UEFI BIOS. The power design ensures that the motherboard delivers stable power to your system, reducing the risk of overheating and failure.

Additionally, the Intel Rapid Start Technology allows your system to boot up quickly, while the UEFI BIOS makes it easy to access and navigate your motherboard’s settings. Overall, the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard provides a reliable and efficient performance that’s perfect for gamers or anyone looking to achieve optimal speeds in their system. So if you’re in the market for a new motherboard, be sure to give this one a closer look.

Benchmark Tests

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Gaming Results

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Overclocking Potential

When it comes to overclocking your computer, you want to get the most performance possible out of your hardware. And fortunately, many modern processors and graphics cards offer excellent overclocking potential. By increasing the clock speed or voltage of your components, you can boost their performance beyond their default settings.

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When it comes to building a PC, compatibility is always a crucial consideration. The ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard is a perfect example of a product that offers strong compatibility with a wide range of components. This motherboard supports Intel’s 4th generation Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron processors, which are known for their reliability and performance capabilities.

Additionally, it offers support for DDR3 1600 memory, which is widely used in many different PC builds. This board also includes two PCIe 0 x16 slots, multiple USB

0 and 0 ports, and support for both SATA III and RAID configurations. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to build a custom gaming PC or a workstation for professional use.

Overall, the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard can be a great foundation for your next PC build and is highly recommended for its compatibility, reliability, and performance.

RAM Compatibility

RAM compatibility is an important consideration when upgrading or building a PC. It refers to the ability of a RAM module to work with a specific motherboard or processor. When selecting RAM for your computer, it is crucial to ensure that it is compatible with your system’s hardware.

This includes checking the type of RAM (DDR3, DDR4, etc.), the speed, the capacity, and the voltage supported by your motherboard or CPU. Installing incompatible RAM can lead to system crashes, data loss, or even hardware damage.

Therefore, it is best to consult your motherboard’s manual or use an online compatibility checker tool before buying RAM. While it may seem like a small detail, RAM compatibility can greatly impact your computer’s performance and stability. By choosing the right RAM that matches your system’s specifications, you can ensure smooth and efficient operations.

CPU Compatibility

CPU Compatibility is crucial when building or upgrading a computer system. It refers to the ability of a CPU to work with a particular motherboard or chipset. Not all CPUs work with all motherboards, so it’s essential to check the compatibility before making a purchase.

Most CPUs are designed to work with a specific socket type, which means that the CPU’s pins and the motherboard’s socket need to match. If they don’t match, the CPU won’t fit, and you won’t be able to install it. Furthermore, some CPUs require a specific chipset or BIOS version to work correctly.

It’s important to research the CPU and motherboard compatibility before making any purchases to avoid wasting time and money. In summary, CPU compatibility is a critical issue to consider, as it affects the performance and stability of your computer.


After thoroughly testing the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard, we can confidently say that it’s a reliable and versatile option for any PC build. Its easy-to-use BIOS interface and comprehensive connectivity options make it ideal for both casual users and hardcore gamers alike. Plus, with its sleek design and high-quality components, this motherboard is sure to impress not only in terms of performance, but also style.

In short, the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard is a formidable choice for anyone looking to upgrade their PC without breaking the bank.


What is the maximum RAM capacity supported by the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard?
The ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard can support up to 32GB of RAM.

What type of sockets does the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard support?
The ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard supports LGA 1150 CPU sockets.

Is the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard suitable for gaming PCs?
Yes, the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard is a great choice for building a gaming PC due to its compatibility with high-performance CPUs and GPUs.

Does the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard come with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities?
No, the ASUS Z87-Plus DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 motherboard does not have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. However, you can add a Wi-Fi card to one of the expansion slots.

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