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Troubleshooting Tips for Brother MFC-J1205W Not Printing: Fix Your Printer in Minutes!

Is your Brother MFC-J1205W printer giving you a hard time? Printing issues can be frustrating, especially when you have important documents to print. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you troubleshoot your Brother MFC-J1205W printer and get it back to its working state in no time. Some possible printing issues that you might encounter include paper jams, low ink or toner, connectivity problems, or even software glitches.

But don’t fret, we’ll guide you through each of these scenarios step by step and help you identify the underlying problem and fix it effectively. Whether you’re struggling to print wirelessly from your mobile device, facing issues with print quality, or simply unable to connect to your printer, we’ve got you covered. Our troubleshooting guide will help you understand how to tackle each problem and overcome any obstacles that come your way.

So join us as we dive into the world of Brother printers and discover the best tips and tricks for troubleshooting your MFC-J1205W. Whether you’re a seasoned printer user or a newbie, our guide is sure to have something for everyone. Get ready to take your printing game to the next level and unleash the full potential of your Brother printer!

Check Connection & Power

If you are experiencing issues with your Brother MFC-J1205W printer not printing, the first thing you should do is check the connection and power. Make sure that your printer is properly plugged into a power source and turned on. If you are using a wired connection, ensure that the Ethernet cable is securely plugged into both your printer and your router or computer.

For a wireless connection, check that your printer and device are connected to the same network and that the wireless signal is strong enough to maintain a connection. If everything seems to be in order, try restarting both your printer and device to see if that solves the problem. By taking these simple steps, you’re often able to remedy the issue without needing to delve into more complex troubleshooting.

Ensure Printer is On and Connected to Computer via USB or Wi-Fi

Checking the connection and power of your printer is an important step before starting any printing job. Firstly, make sure that your printer is turned on and connected to your computer either via a USB cable or Wi-Fi. Take a quick glance at the printer’s LCD screen to ensure that it is powered on.

If your printer is connected through Wi-Fi, verify that it is connected to the right network and that the signal is strong enough. In addition, if your printer is connected through USB, check that the cable is properly plugged in on both ends – the printer and the computer. Poor connection or a loose cable may cause printing issues.

Thus, it is wise to always double-check the connection and make sure your printer is ready to go before hitting the print button. Checking the connection and power of your printer will keep your printing process uninterrupted and smooth.

brother mfc-j1205w not printing

Check Ink & Paper

If you’re experiencing trouble with your Brother MFC-J1205W not printing, one of the first things you should check is the ink and paper levels. Sometimes we overlook the simplest solutions, but ensuring that you have enough ink and paper can save you a lot of time and frustration. Make sure that your ink cartridges aren’t empty or close to empty.

It’s also good to check that your paper tray isn’t empty or jammed. If your printer is still not printing after checking these basic elements, there may be other underlying issues. It’s always a good idea to check the Brother website for troubleshooting and support, or contact their customer service for further assistance.

Don’t let something as simple as ink and paper levels cause you unnecessary stress – check them first!

Make Sure Ink Cartridges are Full and Paper Tray is Loaded

Are you about to print out an important document, but unsure if your printer is ready to handle the task? Before hitting that print button, make sure to check two crucial things: ink and paper. A printer without ink is like a car without fuel. Without it, nothing will be accomplished.

Check your ink cartridges and make sure they are full, so that your printer can deliver the best results possible. Also, loading the paper tray can make or break your printing experience. If there isn’t enough paper, then the printer won’t be able to print your document.

It’s just as important to make sure the paper is loaded properly to prevent paper jams. If you find yourself constantly dealing with low ink or paper jams, it might be time to invest in a new printer or try a different brand of ink and paper. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way when it comes to printer issues.

Print Queue & Driver

If your Brother MFC-J1205W printer is not printing, the first thing to check is the print queue. Check if there are any pending jobs and clear them before attempting to print again. Additionally, ensure that the printer driver is installed and up-to-date on your computer.

Outdated drivers may cause printing issues such as low-quality prints, errors, or even failure to print. You can download the latest driver from the Brother website or use the Driver Update tool to automatically update the driver on your computer. It’s also important to unplug the printer for a few minutes before reconnecting it to the power source.

This simple step can help to refresh the printer’s system and resolve minor issues preventing it from printing. Remember to perform regular maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the print heads and replacing the ink cartridges when running low, to keep your Brother printer in good working condition.

Check Print Queue and Update Drivers if Necessary

Print queue and drivers are crucial elements of any printing system, and it’s important to keep them updated and functioning optimally. When it comes to the print queue, it’s essential to regularly check it to make sure there are no stuck or paused documents that may interfere with future print jobs. Updating drivers is also important as outdated drivers can lead to issues such as poor printing quality or even failure to print altogether.

It’s a good rule of thumb to update drivers at least once every six months to maintain optimal performance. Thankfully, most printers have automated update systems that make the process quick and easy. By regularly checking the print queue and updating drivers, you can avoid common printing problems and ensure that your printing system runs smoothly.

Reset Printer & Computer

If you’re experiencing issues with your Brother MFC-J1205W not printing, one of the first things you can try is resetting both your printer and computer. This may help resolve any software or connectivity issues that may be causing the problem. To reset your printer, start by turning it off and disconnecting the power cord.

Wait a few minutes, then plug the cord back in and turn the printer back on. For your computer, you can try restarting it or shutting it down and turning it back on. Give both devices a few minutes to fully reset before attempting to print again.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, there may be a hardware problem that needs professional attention. However, resetting your devices is a quick and easy first step to take when troubleshooting printing issues with your Brother MFC-J1205W.

Power Cycle Printer and Restart Computer if All Else Fails

When it comes to troubleshooting printer issues, resetting both the printer and your computer is often the last resort. But sometimes, it’s the only solution that works. Power cycling the printer involves turning it off, unplugging it from the power source, waiting for a few minutes, plugging it back in, and turning it back on.

This simple process can help fix a wide range of minor issues, from paper jams to connectivity problems. If power cycling the printer doesn’t work, it’s time to restart your computer as well. Restarting your computer can help refresh the system and clear any software conflicts that may be causing the printer to malfunction.

So, the next time you’re having trouble with your printer, don’t forget to try resetting both the printer and your computer. This could save you a lot of time and frustration, and get your printer back up and running in no time.


In the case of the Brother MFC-J1205W printer, it seems that the printing functionality has gone on a temporary sabbatical. Much like a stubborn artist who refuses to produce work until their creative energy has been fully replenished, this printer may need some time to rest and recharge. Perhaps offering it some TLC in the form of cleaning and maintenance will coax it back into action.

Or, if all else fails, maybe it just needs a swift virtual kick from a trusty tech-savvy assistant to get back in the game.”


What can I do when my Brother MFC-J1205W printer is not printing?
If your Brother MFC-J1205W printer is not printing, you can try the following steps: – Check if the printer is turned on and connected to the correct network. – Ensure that there is enough paper in the paper tray. – Make sure that the ink or toner cartridges are not empty or low. – Try restarting your printer and the device you are printing from. – Check if there are any error messages on the printer’s display panel and follow the instructions to resolve them.

How can I check the ink or toner levels in my Brother MFC-J1205W printer?
You can check the ink or toner levels in your Brother MFC-J1205W printer by following these steps: – Press the ink or toner button on the printer’s display panel. – Scroll down to the option for “Ink/Toner Management” and press OK. – Select “Check Ink/ Toner Level” and press OK. – The printer will display the remaining ink or toner levels for each color cartridge.

Why is my Brother MFC-J1205W printer printing blank pages?
If your Brother MFC-J1205W printer is printing blank pages, there could be several reasons for it. You can try the following solutions: – Check if the ink or toner cartridges are installed correctly and have enough ink or toner. – Run a nozzle check or print head cleaning utility to clean the print head. – Make sure that you are using the correct type of paper and it is loaded correctly in the tray. – Try updating your printer’s driver software to the latest version. – If none of the above solutions work, you may need to replace the ink or toner cartridges or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

How do I connect my Brother MFC-J1205W printer to my wireless network?
To connect your Brother MFC-J1205W printer to your wireless network, follow these steps: – Press the Menu button on the printer’s display panel, and select the Network option. – Select WLAN and then setup wizard. – Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your printer to the wireless network. – During the setup, you may need to enter your network password and choose the correct wireless network name. – Once the printer is connected to the wireless network, you can print wirelessly from any device that is connected to the same network.

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