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Unleashing the Power of Gaming: A Comprehensive Review of ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

If you’re looking for a gaming motherboard that ticks all the boxes, let us introduce you to the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura Motherboard. This high-performance motherboard boasts style, power, and customizability all in a single package. Whether you’re a pro gamer or a casual enthusiast, this motherboard has everything you need to power your gaming rig.

With the recent surge in e-sports and online gaming, more and more people are turning to custom-built gaming PCs to get the best possible gaming experience. The ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura Motherboard is designed specifically for these kinds of systems, with features like DDR4 memory, 6th generation Intel Core processors, and an M.2 slot for ultra-fast solid-state drives.

What’s more, the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura Motherboard is designed to be fully customizable, with impressive lighting effects that can be controlled and synced with other compatible ASUS components. The result is a visually stunning gaming PC that not only looks great but performs even better. So if you’re in the market for a gaming motherboard that will take your gaming experience to the next level, look no further than the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura Motherboard.

It’s the perfect combination of power, style, and customizability, all in one affordable package.

Design and Features

The ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 Motherboard is a top-of-the-line motherboard designed for serious gamers. In terms of design, this motherboard has a sleek and futuristic look that is sure to impress. It features a black and red color scheme that is both stylish and eye-catching.

The motherboard is also equipped with RGB lighting that can be customized to match your gaming setup. When it comes to features, the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura has everything a gamer could need. It comes with a SupremeFX audio system that delivers high-quality sound, as well as Intel Gigabit Ethernet and GameFirst IV technologies that ensure smooth and lag-free gaming performance.

The motherboard also has support for multiple GPUs and features a robust cooling system that keeps your system running at optimal temperatures. In short, if you’re looking for a high-performance motherboard that has both style and substance, the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 Motherboard is definitely worth considering.

Sleek, appealing aesthetics

When it comes to gadgets, aesthetics play a huge role in attracting consumers. A sleek, stylish design can make a product stand out from the crowd. And that’s exactly what you get with the latest tech devices.

Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop or smartwatch, you can expect visually appealing designs that enhance the user experience. These devices feature high-resolution displays, streamlined bodies, and minimalist designs that are both elegant and functional. From thin bezels to metallic finishes, the design elements are meticulously thought-out to create a striking piece of technology.

Additionally, companies now offer customization options, such as phone cases and laptop skins, allowing users to personalize their gadgets even further. The aesthetic appeal of these devices adds to the overall user experience, making them even more appealing to consumers. So, whether you’re looking for a new phone or laptop, you can expect a visually appealing device that is not just functional, but also a piece of art.

asus z170 pro gaming aura atx lga1151 motherboard review

Aura RGB lighting with extensive customization options

The ASUS Rog Strix Z370-E Gaming motherboard boasts an impressive Aura RGB lighting feature that sets it apart from other motherboards in the market. This lighting system is arguably one of the most extensive for a motherboard, and users can customize the lighting to match their gaming setup. The RGB LEDs can be set to display a range of colors and patterns, including breathing, strobing, and static colors.

Additionally, users can sync the lighting effects with other Aura-enabled components, such as graphics cards and RAM. The lighting effects can be controlled via the ASUS Aura Sync software, where users can access an array of customization options. These options range from setting up lighting zones, choosing colors, picking patterns, and setting brightness levels, offering users a level of personalization that is hard to come by.

The Aura RGB lighting sets this motherboard apart in terms of aesthetics, particularly for gamers who value both performance and visual appeal.

Robust array of ports and jacks for all your devices

The Acer Chromebook Spin 713 boasts a robust array of ports and jacks that makes it easy to connect all your devices. With two USB-C ports, a USB 1 port, and a microSD card slot, there are plenty of options for transferring files, charging your devices, and connecting to external displays.

The HDMI port is particularly useful for presentations or streaming videos on a larger screen. Additionally, the included headphone jack ensures you can privately listen to your favorite music or participate in a video call without disturbing those around you. Say goodbye to lugging around multiple adapters and enjoy the convenience of having all the necessary ports and jacks right at your fingertips.

Overall, the Acer Chromebook Spin 713’s versatile connectivity options make it an ideal choice for both personal and professional use.

Performance and Reliability

The ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard is a reliable and high-performance option for gamers and PC enthusiasts. This motherboard boasts a range of features designed to enhance the gaming experience, including support for 7th and 6th generation Intel Core processors and dual-channel DDR4 memory. In addition to its impressive technical specifications, ASUS has also prioritized reliability in the design of this motherboard.

It includes a range of safeguards, including overvoltage protection and circuit protection, which help prevent damage from power surges or other electrical issues. The ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard is also designed for easy maintenance, with a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to tweak settings and make adjustments as needed. If you’re looking for a high-performance, reliable motherboard with plenty of gaming-friendly features, the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard is an excellent choice.

Fast and smooth gaming experience with Intel’s LGA 1151 socket

Intel’s LGA 1151 socket offers a fast and smooth gaming experience that gamers crave for. This socket is designed to provide high-performance and reliability, making it the perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts. With its advanced technology, gamers can enjoy a seamless gaming experience without any lag or interruptions.

The LGA 1151 socket is compatible with the latest Intel processors, allowing gamers to build their customized gaming rigs without any hassle. It offers high clock speeds, low latency, and efficient processing power, ensuring an outstanding gaming experience. With such an exceptional gaming rig built with Intel’s LGA 1151 socket, gamers can immerse themselves in the game without any distractions.

So, whether you’re playing the latest AAA titles or streaming your gameplay online, Intel’s LGA 1151 socket has got you covered with its excellent performance and reliability.

DDR4 memory support and advanced overclocking technologies

DDR4 memory support and advanced overclocking technologies are two crucial factors when it comes to enhancing the overall performance and reliability of your PC. DDR4 memory has replaced DDR3 as it offers faster clock speeds, higher bandwidth, and lower power consumption. This means that it can handle more data at once, allowing your system to run smoother and faster.

When combined with advanced overclocking technologies like Intel Turbo Boost and AMD Precision Boost, your PC can achieve even higher clock speeds and performance levels. That being said, it’s important to note that overclocking can be risky if not done correctly. It can cause system instability, overheating, and even permanent damage to your components.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that you have adequate cooling and power supply, as well as proper knowledge and tools before attempting to overclock your system. Overall, DDR4 memory support and advanced overclocking technologies can take your PC to the next level, but it’s important to implement them safely and correctly to avoid any potential risks.

Stable and reliable performance with high-quality components

When it comes to choosing high-quality components for your electronic devices, it’s important to prioritize stability and reliability. These are crucial factors that can make or break the performance of your device over time. In order to achieve stable and reliable performance, it’s essential to focus on using components that have been rigorously tested and proven to withstand various conditions and stress points.

This can include sourcing components from trusted suppliers, investing in high-grade materials, and ensuring that all components are properly installed and maintained. By prioritizing performance and reliability, you can ensure that your electronic device will function seamlessly and efficiently, even under heavy usage or challenging conditions. This can ultimately lead to enhanced user satisfaction, increased productivity, and better overall performance.

So don’t skimp on quality when it comes to choosing components for your devices – prioritize stability, reliability, and performance, and your investment will pay off in the long run.

Price and Value

The ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard is a great option for gamers looking for a high-quality option that won’t break the bank. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive motherboards, it still offers a lot of value for its price. The board features an Intel Z170 chipset, which supports the latest 6th generation Intel processors, as well as DDR4 memory.

It also has a built-in Aura RGB LED lighting system, which adds a nice touch to any gaming setup. The board offers plenty of connectivity options, including dual-band Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB 0, and audio in/out ports.

Overall, the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard is a great option for gamers who want a high-quality board without spending a fortune.

Competitive pricing among similar motherboards

When it comes to choosing a motherboard for your PC, price and value are two of the most important factors to consider. With such a wide range of options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to go for. However, one thing that can help you narrow down your options is competitive pricing among similar motherboards.

When manufacturers offer similar features and specs, competition for pricing becomes a key factor in determining a product’s worth. The trick is to strike a balance between affordability and good value for your money. It’s important to remember that a higher price doesn’t always guarantee better performance, so look for a motherboard that meets your requirements and fits within your budget.

Taking the time to research and compare prices can help you make an informed decision that results in a reliable and efficient PC build.

Excellent value for its advanced features and performance

When it comes to purchasing a new product, a key factor that can often be a point of concern is its price. However, when considering the advanced features and high performance of a product, it can be worthwhile to invest in something more expensive. This is especially true when it comes to technology products.

One example of an excellent value product that combines advanced features and high performance with an affordable price is the XYZ laptop. With its lightning-fast processing speed, high-quality graphics display, and long battery life, the XYZ laptop offers top-tier performance that rivals some of the most expensive laptops on the market. What sets it apart, however, is its impressively low price point, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers who don’t want to sacrifice on performance.

Simply put, the XYZ laptop proves that sometimes paying a little extra can be truly worth it in the long run.


Overall, the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 Motherboard is a top choice for gamers looking for a high-performance and visually stunning setup. With its advanced features, including support for Intel’s latest Skylake processors and Aura RGB lighting, this board delivers both style and substance. Whether you’re planning to build a new gaming rig or upgrade your existing one, the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura Motherboard is a smart investment that won’t disappoint.

So go ahead and level up your gaming experience with this impressive piece of hardware!”

The ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an impressive feature set and performance in a gaming motherboard. Its extensive customization options make it a standout choice for those who want their rig to look as good as it runs.

When it comes to motherboards, the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura offers exceptional value for its price. You’ll find an impressive assortment of features that cater to gaming enthusiasts and professionals alike. This motherboard stands out for its customization options, which allow you to personalize your rig’s appearance as well as its performance.

With ASUS’s Aura lighting technology, you can add some extra flare to your setup by creating custom LED lighting effects that match your preference and style. Furthermore, this motherboard makes use of Intel’s latest Z170 chipset, enabling high-end performance that’s perfect for gamers who demand speed and power. Additionally, the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura supports up to 64 GB of DDR4 memory and has plenty of ports for hard drives, fans, and other peripherals.

Overall, while this motherboard may seem slightly pricier than some of its competitors, its feature set, customization options, and performance make it an excellent value for anyone who wants to take their gaming experience to the next level.


What are the dimensions of the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard?
The dimensions of the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard are 12.0 in. x 9.6 in. (30.5 cm x 24.4 cm).

How many expansion slots does the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard have?
The ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard has 3 PCIe x16 slots, 3 PCIe x1 slots, and 2 PCI slots.

Does the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard support overclocking?
Yes, the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard supports overclocking with its TurboV processing unit and 5-way optimization.

What type of RAM does the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard support?
The ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Aura ATX LGA1151 motherboard supports DDR4 RAM with speeds up to 3866 MHz (OC).

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