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You must bear in mind that a broken fan can result in the computer overheating and, finally, damaging its internal components. Some of the internal components that can get damaged when the PC Fan is not working include:
• Video card
• Hard drive, and even;
• The motherboard

Nevertheless, if you are dealing with such an issue, there are different things you can do to resolve this problem. Understand that the three major reasons why your PC fan is not working revolve around:
• The fan may be clogged with dust
• Some wires may have gotten stuck in the fan, or;
• The fan is not getting enough energy supply to spin

When you can get rid of the reasons mentioned above, your fan will be up and running once again.
What To Do When The PC Fan Stops
Some of the things you can do whenever this happens include:
1. Restart the computer and check its temperature
While this may seem too easy, restarting the computer may fix the problem. When you restart the computer, you can enter the BIOS setting when you press the corresponding button on the screen during the start-up process.
Normally, you will discover a menu option once you get inside the BIOS as it shows the temperature of your computer. Note that the highest temperature for the majority of the processors out there is eighty degrees Celsius.
More so, if the temperature of your computer is on or above this eighty degrees, you will need to find someone to check out the fans to see if it needs to be replaced. Also, turn off the computer to prevent any form of damage.
2. Clean the fan
Do not think this is an easy task, especially if you have never tried it before. You can ask for the help of an expert since this is a high-precision task to carry out. If you cannot clean the fan properly, it will lead to irreparable damage to the computer.
The job of the expert is to check if any wires are preventing the fan from spinning. If you are interested in extending the fan's life, you will need to keep it clean of debris and dirt.
Ensure that you wipe away any dust found outside the computer with a cloth and use the compressed-air canister to eliminate every dirt or dust that may be clogging the fan and stopping it from rotating.
As you carry out this cleaning, ensure that you do not touch any component directly without using a grounding strap.
3. Replace or repair the power supply unit
For those who may have guessed by now, the fan will not spin if the power supply does not work. This is why, before you replace the motherboard or CPU, you are to replace the power supply first.
This option will work, especially if your computer suddenly shuts down or if it makes beeping noises.
4. Replace the motherboard and fan
If you have tried the three options above and nothing has worked so far, you can consider replacing the fan. If this replacement does not work out there, the one thing you are left to do is to try replacing the motherboard.
Those who may have never replaced both the fan and motherboard before understand that the task is simple and can be taken as a do-it-yourself task.

We can only hope that this article may have helped out with your issue concerning the PC fan not working. However, if you have more concerns to share or clarifications needed, you can start or create a thread using this ink http://alturl.com/gqq4x to get more help from experts on this website.
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