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If you were expecting an email it never arrived, you can resolve this issue by using some troubleshooting tips. There are some reasons why Outlook may not receive emails.
Understand that such an issue can occur in both the windows system, macOS, and even the online version of Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook is among the popular management applications, and email serves owned by Microsoft if you never knew.
Things To Do When Having Issues With Outlook
Sometimes, while working on Outlook, you may discover that you cannot receive emails sent by colleagues or other people. Before we delve into how you can fix this problem, there are possible reasons why this may have happened.
Some of the reasons include:
• There may be a network connection problem
• The firewall or a system component may be blocking mails from coming
• The email account may not be adequately synced with Outlook, or;
• Mallard may have likely corrupted the Outlook data

There could be so many reasons why you are not receiving emails on Outlook, and there are many solutions to this problem. Some of the solutions include:
1. Try checking your junk folder
Before you do anything drastic, ensure you check your junk folder in Outlook. There is a slight chance that you may have gotten the mail, but Outlook got it marked as junk. Simply open the mail, go to the action button, click on junk email, and mark it as non-junk.
Doing this will move your mail to your inbox and would ensure the same action will not repeat itself on the same email ID again.
2. Check on the Outlook service and Internet connection
The issue of not receiving emails on Outlook could be caused by a problem with your system's Internet connection. Hence, you are to restart your system and ensure it is connected to a stable Internet connection.
Furthermore, Outlook service may be down. All you need to do is go to the Outlook service's status page and check on the current status. The Outlook is not presently available if the status is marked as read.
3. Ensure your inbox is not full
It must be noted that if your inbox is full and there is barely any space left, you will encounter issues with not receiving emails on Outlook. You can easily move to junk, your inbox, or other folders and delete the emails that are not needed to fix this.
More so, you can use the sweep feature on Outlook to automatically delete old emails from any sender.
4. Try clearing the multiple connected accounts
Note that Outlook allows us to connect a maximum of twenty email accounts in a place by default. Although if you have multiple accounts connected, it will block specific emails and resort to Outlook not receiving emails.
You should move to the accounts and click on connected accounts. From there, you can view the linked account list and remove any email account that is no longer in use.
5. Disable firewall or antivirus application
There are times wherein an antimalware or a firewall app can block specific network connections. You can disable your firewall settings on the computer or uninstall suspicious applications by yourself to fix this.
Asides from this, if there are any recent plugins that you added to Outlook, you should think about removing them as well.

We have successfully provided you with ways to fix the issues of not receiving emails on Outlook. However, if you need further clarification on how to go about the provided tips, you can start or create a thread using this ink http://alturl.com/gqq4x to get more help from experts on this website.
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