My Outlook, Excel, And Word Not Responding

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When your Microsoft word stops working or your Outlook and Excel have stopped responding, you must try not to panic. There are various methods to try out resolving Microsoft issues.

Usually, when any of the Microsoft Office apps stop working, an error shows up, and there are two options to try. You can either check online for the solution or quickly close the program.

However, when you close the application, you may run into Microsoft Word, Excel, or Outlook not responding issues.

Ways To Fix Outlook, Excel, And Word Not Responding

When your Outlook, Excel, and Word are not responding, wait for any of the programs to process as first and try to save your documents. Nonetheless, if you have stayed for some time and there is no progress, try clicking on close the program and follow the methods to get it fixed.

The methods to get your Outlook, Excel, and Word not responding issue fixed include:

1. Try disabling add-ins in safe mode

Some incompatible add-ins may result in Microsoft Office programs not working. A quick way to find out is through starting the Office app while in safe mode and disabling the add-ins.

You can do this by pressing Windows + R keys and typing winword.exe/a, and hitting enter to open the Office program in safe mode without any plugins. Another way is to use winword/safe to begin the program in safe mode.

If the Office app cannot get launched in safe mode, the issue is not with the add-ins. You can try repairing the Office or try to uninstall and install the Microsoft program; however, if the app starts while in safe mode, you can fix the issue by disabling the app add-ins and COM add-ins.

You can click on the file, then option, and hit on the add-ins button. Another step to take is to click on the manage option located at the bottom and click on COM add-ins. Hit on GO to uncheck any of the problematic ones and click on ok to confirm.

Some of the outdated add-ins may likely cause issues. When you have carried out any of these steps, you can restart your Word, Excel, or Outlook to see if the problem has been resolved.

2. Try repairing Microsoft Office

Following some experienced users, whenever Microsoft Office contains some errors, it will prevent users from opening any of its programs or even editing their files. When this happens, you will get the Microsoft word, excel or outlook not opening error.

Note that the application will shut down directly no matter what you want to get done. The solution to use in resolving this issue is to repair Office installation. You will need to open the control panel, click on the programs and features buttons, and then click on Microsoft Office.
The next step is to locate and select the change button located in the top menu. You can go to the window and click on the repair button, then hit on continue. For the newer versions of Microsoft Office, you can select online repair or the quick repair button and finally click on repair.

Finally, you are to let the repair occur; when it finishes, you will restart your system. When the process of repair finishes, open your Outlook, Excel, or word application to check if the error message appears again.


If your Outlook, Excel, or Word is not responding, you can follow up on the methods we have outlined to fix the issue. For those who may not be clear on the techniques, you can start or create a thread on this website; to get more clarification.
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