My Laptop Camera Not Working

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Imagine holding a video conference call or a video chat call that is highly productive or fun, and suddenly the camera goes blank. Many people have issues with their laptop camera not working, and best believe having a laptop camera that works is vital.

Nevertheless, if your laptop camera is not working the way it should, you can resolve the issue by simply updating the drivers. You are to ensure that the webcam protection software is configured correctly.

There are lots of useful tools and software that you can use in fixing laptop camera issues. We will be providing some valuable tips that will help.

How To Fix Laptop Camera Problems

People make use of their laptop cameras for different things. However, most people make use of it to either gold video calls or even take photos. When your laptop camera is not working, there are diverse ways to fix it that range from:

1. Engage in running hardware troubleshooter

You can run the hardware and devices troubleshooter to fix the problem for those who may have issues with the recent hardware on their computer. This method will help to ensure that all new devices or hardware are properly installed on the laptop.

You can go about this bright clicking on the start button, click on the control panel, and move to the "view by" button positioned at the top right corner. Next is to click on the drop-down arrow and click on large icons.

Your next move is to hit on troubleshooting and hut on the view all option positioned on the left pane. Then, you are to click on hardware and devices and hit on next. Cautiously follow the instructions that will pop up, and the troubleshooter will start detecting the problem.

2. Try updating the laptop camera driver

When your laptop camera is not working, you can right-click on the start button, find your way to the device manager and click on DVD/CD-ROM drives. The next step is to move to imaging devices and hit on the button to expand them.

Once this is done, you are to right-click on your laptop camera or right click on the integrated webcam driver. Furthermore, you are to select update driver software, and when you get the prompting to decide how you want to use the search driver, click on the search automatically for any updated driver software.

More so, when you see an available driver on the laptop, click on the Browse my computer for driver software option and click the ideal location to update it. You are to be available online to carry this out.

Additionally, you are to click on the pick from a list of device drivers on my computer option and select the USB video device. Simply click next and follow the instructions on the screen.

When done, restart your laptop, and if this fails to make your laptop camera work, it is safe to move to the next solution.

3. Try reinstalling the laptop camera

In a bid to reinstall the laptop camera driver, you are to right-click on your start button and click on device manager. Move to imaging devices and select the arrow that will expand the list.

You are to further right click on the laptop camera or the integrated webcam and select uninstall. The next step is to reboot the computer. As it reboots, the driver will be installed automatically, and you can finally check the laptop camera to see if the issue persists.


When your laptop camera is not working, you do not need to panic anymore as these solutions we have provided are sure bets to get it working once more. You are to follow the instructions carefully to avoid making mistakes.

Do you have any issues with making use of any of our tips? If yes, you can easily create a thread on the website ; to get clarifications on what you can do.
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