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Have you ever had issues with your audio not working immediately you settle in to listen to either a conference call or a new album? While there are lots of frustrating problems other than your audio not working, the good thing is, there are lots of solutions for this problem.

Understand that you do not need to be left in silence for long during a conference or zoom call just because your audio refused to work.

How To Fix Audio Issues
When your audio is not working on your computer, there are many possible reasons for this occurrence. Though it may be an extensive hardware or software problem, you must stay calm and not jump to conclusions.

There are troubleshooting ways you can use to fix the problem. However, we will provide you with some tips on how to resolve the issue.
They include:

1. Check on your volume

This is the first thing to do, but you may get carried away and forget about it. You can quickly check on your volume settings on windows ten by right-clicking on the sound icon situated at the bottom right corner of the screen Immediately the window opens, hit on the open sound settings, and click on the sound control panel. While here, open the playback tab and right-click on the default sound device. You will find a green checkmark indicating it.

Click on the button that states "test" to carry out an audio test. If your sound is working, you will find a green bar moving on your right side, and you will hear chimes. However, if it is not working, you can right-click on the default audio device once more and select properties.
In the properties window, click on the levels tab and slide the levels tab upwards. Ensure that your speaker icon is not on mute.

2. Change or restart the audio device

The most popular advice you will get when your audio is not working is to execute a hard reset without any questions. Nonetheless, it is very much useful and valid. Your audio is not working, may be since it needs an effortless restart.

3. Restart the computer Or Change the audio device

If this method does not solve your audio problem, there is a chance that you will need to change the audio device. To do this, you are to go back to the sound control panel and move to the playback tab.

Click on another audio device from your drop down menu and hit on the Set default button. Note that you are to continue trying out various audio devices until you see one that will offer your computer sound.

The problem with your audio not working may be that Windows 10 is directing your audio to an incorrect output device. Such things happen when you plug a USB enabled audio device into your computer.

4. Update or install speaker or audio drivers

While doing this may seem hectic, it is not. One common reason why your computer's sound is not working is due to outdated drivers or missing drivers. You are to check on your audio drivers' status and see if the process can be automated.
Note that you can make use of the windows update utility feature to execute this. If the drivers need modifications or you need to reinstall it, Windows 10 will achieve this automatically.

[color=#FFBFF00]5. Disable the audio enhancements[/color]

When your audio is not working, one thing you can do is to disable your audio enhancements. The audio enhancements will make your computer sound look perfect, but sometimes it can trip up the system's audio.
Bear in mind that third-party speaker manufacturers tend to use these audio enhancements. However, their focus is barely on compatibility but more on quality. You can disable this feature by visiting the playback tab in the Sound control panel.
You are to right-click on the audio device and enter the properties window. Move to the enhancement tab and swiftly deselect the audio enhancements option.


On a general note, the troubleshooting tips we have outlined cover most of the prevalent issues linked with audio not working. You are to try these options and follow them cautiously.

However if you are finding it hard to make use of any of the troubleshooting tips, you can create a thread on our website ; to get more clarification on the issue.
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