My Computer Keeps Restarting

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When you are working on your Windows 10 computer, there are times that you will notice that it gets stuck in a loop, and the system gets to restart continuously. Such a repeated reboot can get one frustrated as it can destroy your workflow completely and your productivity for the day. Your computer's issues suddenly restarting can result in unsaved works, loss of data, and even application failure. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry as we will be providing you with tips on what to do should this occur.
Things To Do When Your Computer Restarts

If your computer keeps restarting, there are things you can do about the issue. Some of these things include:
Try troubleshooting in safe mode
There is every possibility that your computer's restarting issue is happening because of some system errors or application errors. Thus, you may not be capable of applying the troubleshooting option when in normal mode.
Before you make any move, you are to reboot your system while in safe mode. To do this, you will need to press and hold the left shift key on your keyboard. The next step is to clock on the power icon and hit on restart.
Note that as you click on the restart button, you will continue holding the shift key. Lastly, you are to release the shift key once the system starts to restart. It will restart in its safe mode.
1. Disable the automatic restart feature
If you never knew, windows 10 has an inbuilt feature that entails auto restarting the computer in a bid to tackle application errors or other failures. Nevertheless, if you are going through a repetitive system restart, you can disable this feature.
Before we delve into how you can successfully disable the automatic restart feature, there is something you must know. Once this option is disabled, the next time your computer experiences any form of failure, it will be incapable of restarting, and it will freeze.
Furthermore, it will display a distorted image or just a black or blue screen. For these reasons, you should never forget to re-enable the automatic restart option once the system starts up.
More so, from the search box or your windows, search and open the control panel. You are to select both the system and security options. Swiftly click on the System option, while from your left pane, you can choose the advanced system settings.
Furthermore, you are to click on startup and recovery on the next window and finally click on settings. Under the system failure button, you can uncheck the automatically disable option, click ok and exit the page.
2. Disabling of fast startup
Does your computer keep restarting? If this is the issue, you must note that the windows fast startup feature allows your system to boot faster anytime you want to restart your system.
With this, there is every possibility that the fast startup is the reason why your system is having issues and this, continuous restart starts happening. It is best to disable the fast startup and check if the issue persists.
3. Try uninstalling the newest windows updates
There are times when your windows updates may be wrong inside, which can be part of why your computer keeps restarting. The best solution at the moment is to uninstall all the recent updates.
To do this, you must go to the windows setting and click on updates and security. You are to click on the view update history right in front of you. When you get to the next window, simply click on uninstall updates.

We have provided you with some of the possible ways you can fix this issue, but For further assistance, you can start or create a thread using this ink to get more help from experts on this website.
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