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Unleash the Power of Compact Computing: ASUS P8H61-I R2.0 Mini ITX LGA1155 Motherboard Review

Looking for a compact and reliable motherboard to power your PC build? Look no further than the ASUS P8H61-I R0 Mini ITX LGA1155 Motherboard. This petite powerhouse packs a punch with its support for second-generation Intel Core processors, integrated graphics, and high-speed storage options.

Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or simply looking for a space-saving solution, the ASUS P8H61-I R0 will deliver. But don’t just take our word for it.

In this review, we’ll dive deep into its features, performance, and overall value to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started. Are you ready to discover the versatility and power of the ASUS P8H61-I R



If you’re looking for a compact motherboard that packs a punch, the ASUS P8H61-I R0 Mini ITX LGA1155 Motherboard might just be what you need. This motherboard is designed for small form factor builds, making it perfect for gamers or professionals who are tight on space but still need a robust system.

The ASUS P8H61-I R0 is equipped with a variety of features, including support for Intel’s 2nd and 3rd generation Core processors, DDR3 memory, and multiple ports for peripherals. Its compact size also means that it won’t take up much space in your case, leaving room for additional components.

The only major disadvantage of this motherboard is that it doesn’t support USB 0, which may be a deal-breaker for some users. However, overall, the ASUS P8H61-I R

0 Mini ITX LGA1155 Motherboard is a solid option for anyone looking for a mini ITX motherboard that delivers strong performance in a small package.

Key features of ASUS P8H61-I R2.0

Looking for a compact motherboard with powerful features? The ASUS P8H61-I R0 is an excellent option for those who want a small yet powerful motherboard. This motherboard comes with an LGA 1155 socket and supports a wide range of Intel processors, including Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, Pentium, and Celeron processors.

Its mini-ITX form factor makes it an excellent choice for compact and space-saving builds. The P8H61-I R0 also features PCIe

0, SATA 6Gb/s, and USB 0, which means it can provide faster data transfer rates compared to other motherboards. Plus, its UEFI BIOS with EZ mode interface makes it easy to set up and customize the system according to your preference.

So if you’re looking for a compact motherboard that can provide powerful performance, the ASUS P8H61-I R0 is definitely worth checking out.

asus p8h61-i r2.0 mini itx lga1155 motherboard review

Specifications of ASUS P8H61-I R2.0

The ASUS P8H61-I R0 is a compact yet powerful mini-ITX motherboard designed to enhance the performance and functionality of your PC. Ideal for small form factor (SFF) builds, the board is based on the Intel H61 chipset and is compatible with second generation Intel Core processors.

The board features dual-channel DDR3 memory support, PCIe x16 slot for discrete graphics card, HDMI, DVI and VGA video outputs, Gigabit Ethernet, and 6-channel HD audio. In addition, it comes with ASUS AI Suite II for easy one-stop access to innovative ASUS features and utilities. Whether you want to build a budget-friendly media center or a home server, the ASUS P8H61-I R

0 is the perfect solution that delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and value for money.


Looking for an efficient and reliable mini ITX LGA1155 motherboard? The ASUS P8H61-I R0 might just be the answer to your needs. Known for its high performance and stability, this motherboard is perfect for building a compact and powerful system.

The motherboard boasts a wide range of features, including the Intel H61 chipset, which allows support for 2nd and 3rd generation Intel processors. With dual-channel DDR3 memory support, you can enjoy faster data transfer rates and better overall system performance. The intuitive UEFI BIOS interface also makes it easy to use and configure, while the built-in GPU boost feature allows for smoother graphics performance.

Additionally, it comes with support for USB 0 and SATA 6Gbps, ensuring you have fast data transfer speeds. Whether you’re building a home theater PC or a powerful gaming system, the ASUS P8H61-I R

0 is definitely worth considering.

Benchmarking results of ASUS P8H61-I R2.0

ASUS P8H61-I R0, benchmarking results, performance If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient motherboard, the ASUS P8H61-I R0 is definitely worth considering.

According to benchmarking results, this motherboard performs exceptionally well, delivering fast speeds and reliable performance. The ASUS P8H61-I R0 has been tested in various benchmarking scenarios, including gaming, multitasking, and video editing, and has proven to be a versatile and robust option.

Its compact size also makes it ideal for smaller builds, without sacrificing performance. In fact, its LGA 1155 socket supports 2nd and 3rd generation Intel Core processors, making it a viable option for high-end builds as well. So, if you’re looking for a capable and efficient motherboard that won’t break the bank, the ASUS P8H61-I R

0 is certainly worth considering.

Comparison with other Mini ITX motherboards

When it comes to Mini ITX motherboards, the performance of the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 is quite impressive. Compared to other Mini ITX motherboards on the market, this one stands out due to its robust power delivery system, which enables it to handle high-end CPUs with ease. It also has a fast PCIe

0 interface that provides faster data transfer rates and is ideal for gamers who demand top-tier graphics performance. Additionally, the X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 has a built-in Thunderbolt 3 port, which allows for lightning-fast data transfers and can be used for a wide range of peripherals, including high-speed storage devices and external GPUs. Overall, if you’re looking for a Mini ITX motherboard with exceptional performance, the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 is a solid choice.

Design and Build

I recently had the opportunity to review the ASUS P8H61-I R0 Mini ITX LGA1155 Motherboard, and I was very impressed with its design and build quality. The compact size of this motherboard makes it perfect for building a small form factor PC, but don’t let its size fool you – it’s packed with features.

The board itself is well-designed, featuring a black PCB with blue accents. The layout is clean and well-organized, making it easy to install hardware components. The BIOS is easy to navigate, and I had no trouble setting up the system.

The connectivity options are impressive, including four SATA ports, a PCIe x16 slot, HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports. Overall, if you’re looking for a top-quality mini ITX motherboard, the ASUS P8H61-I R0 is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.

Form factor and layout of ASUS P8H61-I R2.0

The ASUS P8H61-I R0 is a sleek and compact motherboard designed to fit into small form factor PC builds. Its mini-ITX form factor allows it to fit into tight spaces, making it a perfect choice for those who want a compact and efficient build.

The board is well built and features a straightforward yet functional layout. The black PCB with white accents gives it an elegant look, though it may not be the flashiest option out there. The placement of the onboard components is well thought out and does not feel cramped, despite the small form factor.

The expansion options are also impressive for such a small board, with two DIMM slots, one PCIe x16 slot, and one PCIe x1 slot. The design and build of the ASUS P8H61-I R0 prove that small size doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing features and performance.

Quality and durability of components used

When it comes to designing and building products, the quality and durability of the components used is of utmost importance. From the materials chosen to the manufacturing processes used, every detail must be carefully considered to ensure that the end product is reliable and long-lasting. For example, if you’re looking to create a product that needs to withstand harsh environments or extreme conditions, the components used must be able to withstand these conditions as well.

One way to ensure the quality and durability of your product is by working with suppliers and manufacturers who use high-quality materials and have strict quality control measures in place. This will not only result in a better end product but will also reduce the likelihood of costly repairs or replacements down the line. At the end of the day, the design and build of a product is only as good as the components used, so taking the time to source high-quality materials and working with experienced manufacturers is essential to success.


The ASUS P8H61-I R0 Mini ITX LGA1155 Motherboard is an excellent choice for those who prioritize connectivity in their computing experience. This motherboard boasts a comprehensive list of features, from its Gigabit Ethernet port to its USB

0 and SATA III interfaces. With its onboard Wi-Fi capability, this motherboard offers seamless wireless connectivity, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy streaming or gaming online. Additionally, the ASUS P8H61-I R

0 motherboard supports multiple displays, thanks to its HDMI and VGA outputs. Overall, this motherboard is an exceptional value for those who crave a high-performance computer that fosters reliable and comprehensive connectivity.

Rear I/O panel and connectors

When it comes to computer connectivity, the rear I/O panel and connectors are critically important. These components provide the interface between the computer’s internal components and the external devices that people use to interact with their computer. Most motherboards come with a standard set of connectors, including USB, audio, Ethernet, and video ports.

However, the specific number and type of ports can vary depending on the motherboard model. It’s important to ensure that the motherboard’s rear I/O panel and connectors match your needs for connecting peripherals. For example, if you frequently transfer large data files, you may want a motherboard with a high-speed USB

1 Gen 2 port. Additionally, if you use a multi-monitor setup, you may require a motherboard with multiple video ports. Ultimately, the rear I/O panel and connectors play a critical role in the functionality and versatility of a computer, so it’s important to choose a motherboard that fits your needs.

Expansion slots and storage options

When it comes to building a computer, connectivity is crucial. One of the most important aspects of connectivity is expansion slots. These slots allow users to add components to their computer, such as graphics cards or sound cards, that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Different motherboards will come with varying numbers of slots, so it’s important to choose one that matches your needs. Storage options are another important consideration. Most modern motherboards will have at least four SATA ports, which allow you to connect hard drives or solid-state drives.

If you need more storage, you may want to consider a motherboard with additional SATA ports or other options for adding storage, such as PCIe slots for NVMe SSDs. Overall, when building a computer, it’s essential to consider your connectivity needs and choose a motherboard that will meet them effectively.


In conclusion, the ASUS P8H61-I R0 Mini ITX LGA1155 Motherboard is a perfect example of why size doesn’t always matter. Despite its small stature, this motherboard packs a powerful punch with its impressive specs and reliable performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just a casual computer user, this motherboard is a worthwhile investment that won’t disappoint. Don’t let its mini size fool you – the ASUS P8H61-I R0 is a mighty motherboard that will elevate your computing experience to new heights.

So, go ahead and indulge in this little powerhouse – you won’t regret it!”


What is the maximum RAM capacity for the Asus P8H61-I R2.0 Mini ITX LGA1155 motherboard?
The Asus P8H61-I R2.0 Mini ITX LGA1155 motherboard has a maximum RAM capacity of 16GB.

Does the Asus P8H61-I R2.0 Mini ITX LGA1155 motherboard support overclocking?
No, the Asus P8H61-I R2.0 Mini ITX LGA1155 motherboard does not support overclocking as it is designed for more compact builds.

What kind of graphics card can be installed on the Asus P8H61-I R2.0 Mini ITX LGA1155 motherboard?
The Asus P8H61-I R2.0 Mini ITX LGA1155 motherboard has a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot that can accommodate most modern graphics cards.

Can the Asus P8H61-I R2.0 Mini ITX LGA1155 motherboard support multiple monitors?
Yes, the Asus P8H61-I R2.0 Mini ITX LGA1155 motherboard can support up to two monitors using the onboard VGA and HDMI ports.

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