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Unveiling the Best ASUS Motherboards of 2016: A Comprehensive Review

If you’re looking to build or upgrade your PC, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is choosing the right motherboard. And when it comes to motherboards, ASUS is a name that is consistently recommended by tech enthusiasts. In this article, we will be reviewing ASUS motherboards released in 2016, to help you make an informed decision.

ASUS has a wide range of motherboards available with different specifications, budgets, and features. With the advancement of technology, ASUS motherboards have progressively become more versatile and feature-packed at reasonable prices. We’ll guide you through the benefits and downsides of the 2016 ASUS motherboards, to help you pick the one that best meets your requirements.

So, whether you’re a gamer, a content creator, or just looking to upgrade your PC, stick around and discover the power of ASUS motherboards.

Introduction to ASUS Motherboards

If you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality motherboard for your computer build, you can’t go wrong with an ASUS motherboard. With a wide variety of models available, ASUS motherboards offer exceptional performance and a range of features to suit different needs and budgets. The company has been producing motherboards for over 30 years and is widely recognized as one of the top brands in the industry.

When it comes to ASUS motherboard review 2016, there are several models that stand out. The ASUS Z170-A, for example, is a popular choice among gamers and enthusiasts, thanks to its support for multiple graphics cards and advanced overclocking features. The ASUS Maximus VIII Hero is another top pick, with its sleek and stylish design and powerful performance capabilities.

Overall, ASUS motherboards are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a reliable, high-performance motherboard for their computer build.

ASUS Motherboard Features

Introduction to ASUS Motherboards ASUS is a giant in the world of computer technology, with a wide range of products that span from laptops to gaming accessories and, of course, motherboards. ASUS motherboards, in particular, are renowned for their powerful performance and cutting-edge features. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a professional designer, there’s an ASUS motherboard out there for you.

Most ASUS motherboards are designed to be compatible with the latest hardware and software, ensuring that you never have to worry about upgrading components or falling behind the curve. Additionally, ASUS motherboards come with innovative features like AI overclocking and advanced cooling options. These features allow you to get the most out of your components without sacrificing stability or durability.

So if you’re in the market for a new motherboard, an ASUS model is certainly worth considering.

asus motherboard review 2016

ASUS Motherboard Performance

If you’re looking for a reliable motherboard to power your computer system, ASUS motherboards are definitely worth considering. ASUS is a well-known brand in the computer hardware industry, and their motherboards are known for their high performance and quality. ASUS uses high-quality components and innovative designs to ensure their motherboards offer optimal performance and stability.

With a range of options available, you can find an ASUS motherboard that fits your specific needs, whether you’re a gamer or an office worker. Plus, ASUS motherboards come with a wide range of features that can help take your computing experience to the next level. If you’re looking for a high-performing motherboard, ASUS is definitely a brand to consider.

Top ASUS Motherboards of 2016

Looking for the best ASUS motherboard that’ll fulfill your 2016 gaming needs? Look no further than the ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha. This motherboard is perfect for gamers and gamers only. It’s designed specifically for gaming enthusiast and provides top-notch features such as multi-GPU support, fast Wi-Fi, and USB

1 Type-A and Type-C ports. As a matter of fact, in the field of gaming motherboards, it is one of the top performers and is backed up by its unbeatable overclocking abilities, enhanced gaming design and innovative features. Another great choice is the ASUS Z170-A.

This motherboard has a quad-core processor that helps power your PC and allows it to handle multiple, demanding applications. This high-performance motherboard also features 5-Way Optimization technology which optimizes all system components and offers enthusiasts a tool to fine-tune overclocking. Both of these motherboards surpass other models in their class in terms of gaming features, overclocking, and system stability.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or willing to spend some cash, these ASUS motherboards have got your back.

ASUS Z170-A ATX DDR4 Motherboard Review

If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line ASUS motherboard, look no further than the ASUS Z170-A ATX DDR This motherboard has proven to be a standout choice for 2016, offering unparalleled performance and versatility. With support for the latest DDR4 memory, you can ensure that your computer is running at peak efficiency.

Additionally, this motherboard comes with numerous USB 0 ports and multiple PCIe slots, allowing you to expand your setup as needed. One of the greatest features of the ASUS Z170-A is its ease of use.

The UEFI BIOS is extremely intuitive and allows you to make changes to your system with ease. As a result, this motherboard is a great option for both experienced computer builders and beginners alike. Overall, the ASUS Z170-A is a smart investment for anyone looking to build a top-tier computer with unmatched performance and expandability.


If you’re looking for the top ASUS motherboards of 2016, you won’t be disappointed. The ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA is a standout option that truly impresses with its features. This motherboard is designed with gamers in mind, providing top-notch performance that can handle even the most demanding games.

With its compatibility with both Intel Core i7 and i5 processors and its high-speed DDR4 memory, this motherboard provides the speed and power that gamers need. Additionally, the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA includes a range of features that add to its impressive performance, including dual-band Wi-Fi, ultra-fast USB 1 ports, and support for M.

2 and SATA Express. Overall, if you’re looking for a high-performance gaming motherboard that can handle your needs and more, then the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA is a top option that won’t disappoint.

ASUS X99-A II Motherboard Review

If you’re looking for a top-quality motherboard for your computer build, then ASUS X99-A II could be the perfect one for you. This motherboard boasts a lot of impressive features, including support for the latest processors, DDR4 memory, and NVMe drives. It also comes with a user-friendly BIOS interface and a lot of tweaking options to make overclocking a breeze.

When it comes to performance, the ASUS X99-A II doesn’t disappoint. It can handle high-end tasks like gaming, video editing, and rendering with ease. The build quality is also impressive, with a sturdy metal phase power design that keeps temperatures under control.

All in all, if you’re looking for a top-notch motherboard that delivers an unbeatable performance, ASUS X99-A II is definitely worth considering. So, don’t wait any longer and upgrade your computer with this amazing motherboard today!

ASUS vs Competitors

When it comes to choosing a motherboard for your computer, ASUS is undoubtedly a popular choice. In 2016, they released a number of motherboards with impressive features that set them apart from their competitors. For instance, the ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha boasts a powerful overclocking capability and supports multiple GPUs for ultimate gaming performance.

Meanwhile, the ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula offers a sleek design with an added water cooling feature for optimal system operation. Compared to other brands in the market, ASUS motherboards are known for their reliability and durability, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your investment will last for years to come. Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality motherboard with top-notch performance, ASUS is definitely a brand to consider.

ASUS vs Gigabyte Motherboards

When it comes to choosing a motherboard, ASUS and Gigabyte are two of the most recognized and respected brands in the market. But which one is better? Well, it actually depends on what you are looking for. ASUS motherboards are known for their high-end gaming features, superior build quality, and innovative designs.

They also come with some unique and useful software tools that make it easier for you to tweak and customize your system. On the other hand, Gigabyte motherboards are more affordable and offer excellent value for money. They are also known for their reliability and durability.

Gigabyte offers a wider range of options, which makes it easier for you to find a motherboard that fits your specific needs. Overall, both brands have their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing between them. So, if you’re a serious gamer or overclocker, ASUS might be the better choice for you.

But if you’re on a budget and looking for a reliable and stable motherboard, Gigabyte could be a more economical option. Ultimately, it comes down to what you value most in a motherboard: performance, affordability, or features.

ASUS vs MSI Motherboards

When it comes to choosing between ASUS and MSI motherboards, the decision can be quite difficult. Both companies offer a wide range of quality motherboards, each with its unique set of features and advantages. However, ASUS stands out from its competitors in many ways.

First, ASUS motherboards come packed with more advanced features, such as AI overclocking, top-notch audio solutions, and faster Wi-Fi speeds. This means that ASUS motherboards are designed to give users an exceptional gaming experience with top-level performance. Furthermore, ASUS is known for its highly reactive customer support, which ensures quick solutions to any problems a user might encounter.

Although MSI does provide great motherboards, ASUS is still a leader in the industry due to its vast range of quality products and customer-centric approach. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual user, an ASUS motherboard will provide you with the stability, efficiency, and performance you need.


In conclusion, the ASUS motherboard of 2016 proved to be a formidable contender in the gaming world. With its innovative design, advanced features, and reliable performance, this motherboard truly set the bar for the competition. So if you’re looking for a motherboard that can keep up with your gaming needs and beyond, ASUS is definitely the way to go.

Just be warned, once you go ASUS, you’ll never go back. Happy gaming!”


What are the top-rated Asus motherboards for gaming in 2016?
Some of the top-rated Asus motherboards for gaming in 2016 include the Asus Z170-A, Asus Maximus VIII Hero, and Asus Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1.

What features should I look for when choosing an Asus motherboard for my PC build?
When choosing an Asus motherboard for your PC build, some features to consider include the chipset, number of expansion slots, RAM compatibility, and BIOS options.

Are there any budget Asus motherboards available in 2016?
Yes, Asus offers several budget-friendly motherboards in 2016, such as the Asus H110M-A/M.2 and Asus B150M-A/M.2.

How do I update the BIOS on my Asus motherboard?
To update the BIOS on your Asus motherboard, you can use the Asus EZ Flash 3 utility, which can be accessed from within the BIOS or through the Asus website. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully, as a failed BIOS update can cause serious problems.

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